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We work with a large range of clients, large and small. Our work continues to progress and we use our experience and knowledge to create the best sites we can

W Harvey & Sons

We were asked by Cornwall Creative to work on an e-commerce project for W Harvey & Sons. After meeting with the client and creating a plan, work on the site begun.

W Harvey & Sons had unique requirements in the way their online shop needed to work. They wanted to display all the products from one category on a single page with a “quick buy” feature, meaning that customers would not have to leave the page to add to their basket.
W Harvey & Sons needed a fully functioning customer login area with order and purchase history, which we provided.
We worked on the SEO for the site meaning that if you search “crab meat Cornwall”, they are the 1st to appear. We continue to do great work with this client.

Cornwall Creative

We have worked with Cornwall Creative, completing their bespoke web builds, for many years.
To provide small businesses with an online presence at a low cost, Webment and Cornwall Creative have built frameworks for WordPress, allowing customers to have a personalised and unique site based on modules that are frequently updated, maintained and worked on. Our built in “push” function promotes the latest updates for the framework, thus any customer who has a site on this framework, will be provided with the newest improvements.

Cornish Moonshine

Cornish Moonshine are a relatively recent upcoming brewer and distiller, with Rebellion opening restaurants around Cornwall and Cornish Moonshine having their awesome branding forefront in major bars in St Austell, they needed an awesome website to go with it. They do great products, if that’s what you’re in to, and we’re glad to have been able to work with them.

Rebellion Roasthouse

With Restaurants all around Cornwall, and after building other sites for the business, we were more than happy to take on other projects. Implementing a table booking system as the restaurants grew in popularity was paramount for keeping up with customer demand. With being local, we’ve heard through friends and family that they love how the site looks and works, and are amazed when we say we built the site for one of their favourite restaurants around.

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