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We can cater for you whether you need to host an e-commerce site or a blog. We have servers in various countries and guarantee a 99% uptime. We don’t have bandwidth/data caps like other providers so we will never turn off your site.

We have dedicated web, dedicated email and dedicated DNS servers with no bandwidth limits. All email domains use encryption and are all supported by DKIM and SPF records meaning that when someone receives your mail, the receiving server ensures that the email is really from you.

You don’t need to worry about finding anywhere to host your site as we will host your site and emails.

All of our servers are secure and protected from all the latest threats (and the older threats, too).

Even if you accidentally deleted your website, we have several fail safes  in place:

  • A weekly backup, per site; this runs once a week and will keep the last 5 weeks backed up, this can be changed to daily but the default is weekly. This backs up all the files and the SQL.
  • A copy of every web directory is backed up on each server once a week.
  • A copy of the web directories and the SQL databases are backed up onto a different server each month.

So you haven’t got a chance of losing all of your data, which we know is vital.

So get in touch!

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